Pastors and Staff

Dr. Beau & Kim Adams

Senior Pastor

Executive Team

Glenn Hall

Executive Pastor, In Team | Pastor of Music

Jody Shaw

Executive Pastor, Out Team

Neal Cooper

Executive Pastor, Up Team | Pastor of Celebrate Recovery | Pastor of Online Ministries

Pete Peterson

Executive Pastor, Church and School Administration and Staff Development

Facilities Team

Jimmy Bradley

Facilities Director

Santos Alvarado

Facility Service Team Member

Rob Belom

Facility Service Team Member

Tiffany Clayton

Facility Service Team Member

Mey Fang

Facility Service Team Member

Sue Hagan

Facility Service Team Member

Chuck Hulsey

Facility Service Team Member

Meghan New

Facility Service Team Member

Mary Turnipseed

Facility Service Team Member

Brandon Frazier

Facility Service Team Member

Hannah Daniel

Facility Service Team Member

John McPherson

Facility Service Team Member

Terry Pafford

Support Staff

Karen Masters

Senior Pastoral Assistant & Administrative Director

Rob Fortner

Human Resources Director

Greg Lancaster

Accounting Comptroller

Jill Lancaster

Accounting, CCS

Anslee Carson


Brittany Baird

Church Office Administrator

Ghavin Johnson

IT Technical Support Manager

Teyler Mock

IT Technical Support Services

In Team

Steve Shivers

Pastor of Music

Amy Davis

Women's Ministry Director | Auditorium Praise Team Director

Lee Smith

Media and Video Specialist

Max Hall

Online Campus Director

Sam Bennett

Auditorium Choir Director

Matt Swymer

Online Campus Audio Engineer

Cole Hedgecoth

Content Creation | Student Coordinator

Madison Adams

Communications Director

Laura Morton

Graphic Design & Printing

Up Team

Dr. Butch Entrekin

Pastor of Small Groups and Education

Brooks Everett

Senoia Campus Pastor | Grand Club Director

Melissa Cuthbertson

Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader

Paula Brannon

Adult Education Administrative Assistant

Out Team

Ross Cooper

Pastor of Students | CCS Spiritual Life Director

Dee Martin

Children's Ministry

Erica Chavous

Pastor of Children

James Lewis

Pastor of Young Adults & Singles | Pastor of Caring Ministries

Mandy Menzel

Youth Ministry Director

Sandy Taylor

Out Team Administrative Assistant | Caring Ministries